The Home Depot | Experiential Lounge

An experiential concept to boost brand awareness.

Client: The Home Depot
Services: Ideation, Presentation, Design

In 2017, The Home Depot commissioned us to come up with ideas for reaching the millennial market. After doing some research, we discovered that The Home Depot sold items such as artwork, smart TVs, furniture, smart phone accessories and more; items that millennials didn’t know were available.

We then pitched the idea called “The Chill Spot”. It would be a traveling lounge that would be set up at various music festivals and tech conferences in the US. We would decorate it with decor items and electronics exclusively from The Home Depot.

There would also have younger employees stationed in the lounge to educate potential customers on the items and answer any questions. Patrons would also have the opportunity to buy those items on the spot via QR codes and have them shipped to their homes.

The Home Depot loved the idea and were looking to bring it to market the following year.

All elements that you see in this image are products sold either in-store or online at