Ford | Black Music Month Ad

Client: Ford
Services: Print

01. The Process

Ford wanted to show its appreciation for black music by having a print ad that would circulate in publications during Black Music Month in June.

I then started doing research on Ford and how their previous ads were created in showing appreciation for other historical moments and month-long celebrations.  After several ideation meetings, I thought of a look that would subtly show their appreciation for Black Music Month while still maintaining their brand guidelines. I created an ad that featured a Ford Mustang doing donuts on a street. The donut rings form a record which is symbolic of the musical celebration. The copy also spoke to Ford’s admiration and respect for Black Music. Needless to say, Ford was very pleased with the final look and was featured in the June issue of Automotive News.

02. Final Result

Copy of the actual ad from the June 2017 issue
of Automotive News.