NTT | Visual design

As a UI/UX Developer and Designer at NTT, I wear many hats throughout my day. It usually consist of site design and maintenance for the NORAM region of and/or wireframing of microsites and designing marketing collateral. The marketing collateral involves creating infographics, ebooks, white papers, articles, flyers, email templates and case studies.

I am also responsible for the video production and editing of NTT related content. These assets are used for marketing efforts and for internal use cases such as town hall meetings and conferences.

Client: NTT Cloud Communications
Services: Graphic design, Web design, UI/UX & videography/eduting

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX portion of my job entails researching new web protocols design methodology, taking feedback from stakeholders involving site design proposals, ideation, A/B testing and delivering a finished product. Often times, an agile approach to managing projects is taken to ensure that constant communication with all key team members is held and that deadlines are met.

One of the biggest projects I’ve worked on at NTT Ltd. is transforming the previous site into a more brand-centric site that ties in with the current NTT Limited aesthetic.

This required updating fonts, languages, content and products pages that were region specific. We were limited to the Drupal CMS platform so the creativity had to be constrained and it was a relatively quick turn time with a three month window to complete.

A key component of the website revamp was updating our resource center. The look and feel was a bit stale so that was the first item to focus on. There was also the issue of filtered options being hidden and not enough options to choose from.

The next item was the search functionality. On the previous library’s design, it was very limited and contained some glitches that made the overall experience a challenge when looking for specific items.

After some feedback with team members and key stake holders, we felt that the best approach would be a side panel layout for the filter options to allow maximum option visibility. We also included more filtered options so that users could pinpoint the content they wanted to see.

In addition, we included a page count at the bottom to quickly see how many resources were available, based on the filtered content. The revamped resource center has seen a major increase in visits as well as downloads for the content hosted.

Here are some additional screenshots of pages that were included in the revamp. In total, there were over 200 new pages built for five different regions/languages. It was a success and has greatly approved the brand visibility amongst customers, both existing and potential.

Graphic Design

The graphic design portion of my job consist of creating a wide variety of marketing collateral. These assets include ebooks, infographics, white papers, case studies and flyers to name a few.

I approach the creative process by first ideating concepts that fall within the brand guidelines. I then mock-up a few iterations of the asset until deciding on which one to proceed further with. At that point, I fully flesh out the a final design and present it to stakeholders for approval or edits.


The third major component of my duties at NTT is videography/editing. I would say that this comprises roughly 10% of my overall creative duties on a weekly basis.

The applications that I use for video editing are Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. The equipment I mainly use for filming are the Canon C200 cinema camera and the Canon T2i DSLR camera for smaller, quick shoots.

This is concept video I created for NTT’s Sales Kickoff event. I utilized a lot of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro & Photoshop to make this come alive.

*Disclaimer* this video was not used in any external marketing campaigns or initiatives; it is for demonstrative purposes only. All trademarked and copyright material are owned by their respective holders.

This is a case study video I created for a client in which we extrapolated the info from an ebook and created a highlighted version of it for marketing purposes.

This is another case study video in which we went on location and filmed the client discussing our service to them. I was in charge of editing and providing creative direction.